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About Us

A successful and exciting small media company with strong links and a comprehensive contact list providing access to a wide range of media professionals. 

The founder formed the company in March 2013 after nearly 3 years working in Television helping to produce predominantly factual TV for the Royal Navy's PR Team based at the MOD in London.  The various projects were broadcast over a mix of terrestrial and digital channels including the BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5, Sky, Discovery and National Geographic.

From a light-hearted look at life afloat or involving the Royal Marines Band Service in Strictly Come Dancing to cutting edge films in operational areas on land and at sea.  Ground breaking documentaries include the first ever TV crew to sail with a submarine as it left UK waters bound for operational duties in the Indian Ocean only to be diverted to North Africa during the Libyan crisis.  Enabling concurrent access for two documentary teams with the Royal Marines in Afghanistan, Chris Terrill following 42 Commando and Ross Kemp with 45 Commando.  Both documentaries were part of the intense media focus during the tenth anniversary of UK's involvement in Operation Herrick fighting the Taliban.

New technologies and capabilities sit at the forefront of what we do, in an effort to be able to get that unique 'money shot' Dream Evolution Pictures has its own in-house aerial filming capability delivered by one of three Drones. These range in size from a small Quadcopter carrying a GoPro through a Hexacopter to a large heavy lift Octocopter in the shape of the Freefly Cinestar8 capable of lifting anything up to a Red Epic.

Other useful equipment include sliders and the recently acquired Syrp Genie which enables super smooth linear and panning shots in video or timelapse.

The use of the internet is now an integral part of any successful marketing or PR campaign.  Dream Evolution Pictures can assist with optimising results from your website and social media platforms.

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