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Dream Evolution Pictures aims to understand your organisation, its community, culture and ethos with a view to helping your dream evolve into a reality.

Why use video to promote your organisation?

  • Typical action-response rate to purchase decisions on text only websites is 0.5% to 2%
  • Of all the website visitors who view online videos that promote a product or service, over 50% will be motivated to take action after viewing a video
  • Out of this segment 12% will be motivated to buy the product offered in the video, i.e. 6% overall, that's at least 3 times higher than a text only website but could be as high as 12
  • Average dwell time for text only websites is only 3 seconds
  • Average dwell time for websites with videos is 3 minutes

(Source: Forrester Research and mainstreet

People like video!


A short video is the quickest way to get a complex message across to your target audience.

The right website content can help to boost sales and strengthen your brand.  Videos can greatly assist your company develop a real presence online using your existing internet platforms (website, social media etc), you effectively have your own TV channel.  Videos may also be used for internal communications as well as a training aid.

Video currently accounts for 78% of all internet traffic in the US and this is set to rise to 85% by 2018 (Source: It is natural to assume that the figures won't be too dissimilar for the UK.

Some of our clients:


A case study with social media.